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on February 23rd @ 1pm
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Lunch will be served @ 12 NOON
Plenary Session One will open with Symposium Speaker Shawn K. Woods @ 1 PM IUN Savannah Hall
250 Participants will divide into (5) Symposium Workshop settings of (50) participants each 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM- IUN Library Conference Center
Participants will re-convene in Savannah Hall @ 3:45 PM for Plenary Session Two in Savannah Hall for CALL TO ACTION 2013 Programs and Project Activities.
Indiana University Dream Symposium Adjournment @ 4:30 PM
Quality Education                                                  State Senator Earline Rogers
Community Activist/Volunteerism                State Representative Dr. Vernon Smith
Healthier Lives                                                       State Representative Charlie Brown
Political Action                                                       Honorable Richard Gordon Hatcher, Former Mayor – City of Gary, Indiana
Entrepreneurship                                                 Donna Harris, Founder and Executive Director of Outstanding Women of Wealth-Las Vegas, Nevada
Each Symposium Workshop will have (2) panelist who are considered experts on the workshop topics along with the Dream Symposium Moderators. In our opinion, we feel that the coming together of youth, college students, parents, educators and community leaders moving from rhetoric to action on 21st Century Strategies for Diversity & Inclusion creating better communities; is a step in the right direction!

Projects created by Northwest Indiana Youth will be posted and updated here!

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                                                                                                                                  Students developing projects that move rhetoric to action and create a better community!